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Munaily-Mola filed in Atyrau region, Kazakhstan.

Traveling in the Atyrau region - Munaily-Mola field.

Various types of research were carried out at the Munayly-Mola filed and then mining was carried out. After the development of the area, lakes remained here, where you can meet a large number of migratory birds during the migration period. The size of the lakes is not large, maximum 100 meters in the widest part.

Munaily-Mola-how to get there.

The Munaily-Mola filed is located in the Atyrau region, Zhanterek Zhilyoi district, the Republic of Kazakhstan. More precisely, the place is located 100 kilometers from the city of Kulsary.

Ball formations - Munaily-Mola.

At the Munaily-Mola filed, spherical formations (spherical nodules) can be found. The same spherical formations can be found in a place like Torysh-Tuzbair. At the Munayly-Mola filed, spherical nodules are covered with bitumen. There is no exact information on how and under what circumstances these globular formations appeared or formed. There are a number of hypotheses and assumptions about their appearance. The same spherical formations can be found in the area of Mount Sherkala on the Mangyshlak Peninsula.

Munaily-Mola field.