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Bukhtarma reservoir in East Kazakhstan region

Boat trip along the Bukhtarma reservoir, fishing on the Bukhtarma river -

The Bukhtarma reservoir is located in the upper reaches of the Irtysh River in Kazakhstan. The reservoir is located between the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk and the city of Zaysan to the south of the mouth of the Bukhtarma River on the southwestern outskirts of Gorny Altai. The site, which is flooded by a river dam, covers an area of 5,490 km², when the river is completely blocked, making it one of the 10 largest artificial reservoirs in the world, and has a maximum volume of water in the reservoir of 49.80 km³. Its length is 500 km, width - 35 km, and average depth - 9 m. The size of the Bukhtarma reservoir is truly impressive.

Bukhtarma reservoir - how to get there -

It is very easy to visit the reservoir, for this you need to be located on the territory of Kazakhstan near the city of Zyryanovsk and the city of Zaisan. Also, our company will provide all the necessary assistance for boat trips, fishing and recreation on the Bukhtarma reservoir.

Bukhtarma reservoir-information for tourists -

The dam of the Bukhtarma reservoir, was built in 1960, is located near Serebryansk. This is a hydro dam. A hydroelectric power plant was built here. The hydroelectric power plant is owned by Samruk-Energo and operated by Kazzinc. Used for power generation (power 675 MW); with the help of the dam, water supply to the Irtysh River is regulated, which improves navigation conditions. The lake is also used for fishing.
The Bukhtarma river flows into the Bukhtarma reservoir on the right. The large cities on the reservoir are Zyryanovsk and Zaysan cities. There is a ferry on the reservoir.

Bukhtarma reservoir


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