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Tulips of Kazakhstan

Photo tour for tulips in Berkara Gorge, Zhambyl region.

Botanical tours and excursions for the tulips of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is famous for its spring blooming tulips. A large number of species of these unique and beautiful flowers grow on the territory of Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is the birthplace of tulips, scientists all over the world have long recognized this. Tulips on the territory of Kazakhstan, according to the assumption of botanists, appeared here 10 million years ago and all this time every spring they decorate the lands of Kazakhstan with their beauty and diversity.

How to see

Tulips grow on the territory of Kazakhstan everywhere, they can be found both in the mountainous regions of the republic and on its flat part, the Almaty and Zhabyl regions, the Kapchagai reservoir, etc. About 40 species of wild-growing tulips grow on the territory of Kazakhstan, and new species are always added to the list of tulips, two of these were discovered quite recently, this is Kolbintsev's tulip, Ivashchenko's tulip.

Information for tourists

Our company organizes a full range of services for observing tulips during their flowering period, we know the place, the time. We invite you to discover a new type of botanical tourism and enjoy the beauty of the Tulips of Kazakhstan. With us you will see Greig's tulip (T. gréigii), Kaufman's tulip (T. kaufmanniana), Albert's tulip (T. alberti), Ostrovsky's tulip (T. ostrowskiana), Regel's tulip (T. regelii), late tulip (T. tarda ), Tulip Buse (T. buhseana).

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