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Dancing birches in Borovoe park.

Natural monument - Dancing birch grove.

Excursion to the grove of Dancing Birches.

The grove of dancing birches in Borovoye is a local landmark of the natural park.
They were called dancing birches because the trunks of these trees have a very bizarre shape. Trees bend, twist and even intertwine in places. The shape of the birches has become such because the wind blows in this region and snow falls in winter.

When the tree is still young, it sways in the wind, snow falls on it and bends slightly to the ground, while the tree continues to grow and over time acquires an unusual curved shape. Snow for the winter presses the tree to the ground, and in the spring the snow melts, the tree straightens and continues to grow, but already a little curved. This is the official version of this phenomenon.

Esotericists claim that this happens because powerful energy comes out of the ground in the Burabaya Park area, which twists young trees in a spiral. There is also a legend about a sorceress who lived in a birch grove, people envied the sorceress's power and once came to punish her for her strength, when people entered the birch forest began to dance and wriggle and scared people and they no longer disturbed the sorceress. They say that since then, birches have remained bent.

Dancing Birches (Borovoe) - how to get there.

This nature monument is located on the territory of the Borovoe resort, Akmola region, Kazakhstan. The birch grove is located on the shores of Lake Burabay.

Dancing Birches.


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