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Singing dune

Exploring and visiting the Singing Dune

Photo tour to the Singing Dune in the Altyn-Emel natural park

The Singing Dune is the name of a mountain of unusual sand, formed by sand from the shoals of the Ili River, which flows next to the dune. It is called a singing dune because when the wind blows, the sand of which the dune is made, it makes a sound similar to the hum of an organ, which is heard 2-3 kilometers from the dune.

Singing dunehow to get there

The dune is located on the territory of the Altyn-Emel nature reserve, 183 kilometers from the city of Almaty, in the Almaty region, in Kazakhstan. Right bank of the Ili river, Kerbulak region, Malye and Bolshie Kalkan mountains. GPS coordinates of the Singing Dune 43°51′53″N78°34′00″E

Singing duneinformation for tourists

The dune is one of the attractions of the Altyn-Emel nature reserve. The dune is 3 kilometers long, its height is 150 meters, the ascent to the dune will take you 30 minutes. A beautiful panorama of the surrounding area and the Ili river opens from the top, you will also see the Sogety and Boguty mountains. According to scientific studies, the dune was formed by blowing sand from the shoals of the Ili River, a strong wind blows from the side of the river, which brings this sand from the river.

Legends of the Singing Dune and sound effect

Scientists say that sound is made by rubbing grains of sand against each other. Perhaps this is so, but this effect is observed only in this place. There are no other such observations in deserts and where similar formations of sand are present, there is no such sound. Esotericists believe that the Singing Dune is a magical place and a place of power. This dune is included in the list of "Seven New Wonders of the World".

Singing Dune

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