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Aktau (white) mountains in the Altyn-Emel nature reserve.

Travel to the Aktau mountains (white mountains) in Altynemele.

Interesting places in the Altyn-Emel park.

Aktau in translation from the Kazakh language means White Mountains. These mountains are also called chalk mountains because they are composed of chalk deposits. The highest point in the Aktau mountains is 900 meters above sea level. The mountains are one of the local beauties of the Altyn-Emel nature reserve. Aigaykum Desert is located nearby.

Aktau mountains (white mountains) - how to get there.

The mountains are located on the territory of the Altyn-Emel National Park, in the Kerbulak region, Almaty region. Aktau are located between the Ili River and the Katutau Mountains.
GPS coordinates White Mountains (Aktau) N44 ° 01'34.32 "E79 ° 17'48.08"

Aktau mountains - information for tourists.

The age of the mountains, according to scientists, is millions of years, the length of the mountains is 16 kilometers, the width is 7 kilometers. The mountains are very unusual and beautiful, white color predominates here, therefore the mountains were called white mountains or Aktau. We recommend traveling to the Aktau mountains in spring and early summer, since here you will see a blooming desert and it will not be as hot as, for example, in July or August. During the day, the color of the mountains always changes, during the day the white color predominates, by the evening the color changes and at sunset the mountains turn red, which creates an unforgettable impression and here you can take excellent photos or shoot a video. The predominant colors here are white, pink, red and green.

Aktau, white mountains.


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