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Mynzhilki is a mountain tract in the mountains of Almaty.

What to visit in the Maloalmatinsky gorge.

Excursion to Mynzhilki.

The Mynzhilki tract is located at an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level. Translated from the Kazakh language, Mynzhilki means a thousand horses. The Malaya Almatinka river flows through the mountain tract. The tract is very popular among lovers of mountain hikes and outdoor activities.

Mynzhilki - how to get there.

The distance from Almaty to Mynzhilka is 28 kilometers, the tract can be reached by car, you can also take a walk from the Chimbulak base. The tract is located in the Maloalmatinsky gorge, above Medeu, and Chimbulak along Nursultan Avenue.

Mynzhilki - information for tourists.

The tract is located at an altitude of 3000 meters above the forest belt, here you can find only small grass, the landscape is a heap of rocks. There is a high-mountain dam in the tract, 300 meters long and 17 meters high. There is also a high-altitude meteorological station, which is also called Mynzhilki, which has been conducting weather observations since 1936.