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Big Almaty gorge

Sights of the Big Almaty Gorge

Mountain hiking in the Bolshealmatinsky mountain park

In the mountains of the city of Almaty there are two main mountain gorges, one of them is the Big Almaty Gorge, the second is the Small Almaty Gorge. Along Navoi street you will find yourself in a large gorge. In the gorge there is the Big Almaty Lake, as well as the Big Almaty Peak, a space station. An asphalt road runs along the gorge to the Zhusaly-Kezen pass.

Big Almaty gorge - how to get there

Bus number 28 runs to the gorge from a stop on the streets of Navoi - Al-Farabi. The stop is located above the roundabout just above the footbridge. The bus goes to the fork in the road to the Big Almaty gorge and the Alma-Arasan gorge, then you need to keep to the left along the Bolshaya Almatinka river.

Bolshealmatinskoe gorge - information for tourists

The gorge is a local landmark, there is an ecological post at the entrance to the gorge, where you need to pay an environmental fee to travel to the mountains. Traveling along the gorge, you can visit the center of Sunkar, birds of prey are bred here, there is a nursery for animals, a hotel, a restaurant. Up the gorge there is the Alpine Rose hotel, where you can rent a room. Even higher is the Big Almaty Lake, just above the lake is the Gaish space observation station, and there is also a small hotel here. Above is the Zhusaly-Kezen pass and a space station is located on it. From the station there are radial routes up the gorge to Lake Primul and Bolshoi Almaty peak.

Big Almaty Gorge


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