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Kyzylarai mountain range, mountains

Excursion to the Kyzylarai mountains -

Journey to the Kyzylarai mountains from the cities of Karaganda and Nur-Sultan -

The Kyzylarai mountains are very beautiful and unusual, it is especially beautiful here at the beginning of summer, when the nature of the region blooms. The mountains lie on a flat plain and are visible from afar, the nature of the region is very rich, many plants grow here and many animals live. The highest point of the Kyzylarai Mountains is Mount Aksoran, whose height is 1565 meters above sea level, which is quite high for this region. The Kyzylarai Mountains are part of Sary-Arka.

How to get there, visit -

The Kyzylarai mountain range is located in the Karaganda region, Aktogay district, Shet district, Kazakhstan. The main landmark here is the village of Shabanbai-bi, the village is located at the foot of the Kyzylyray mountains.

Information for tourists -

The Kyzylarai mountains are very popular among local tourists and tourists from abroad. In Kyzylarai, there is the famous ancient complex Begazy Mausoleum, which we will definitely visit when traveling around the region. Sacred mountains are also located here, these are Mount Aulie and Mount Edyge. There are tourist routes that cover different points and attractions. The most interesting walk in the Kyzylarai mountains can be done in the Shaban tract and the Aulie tract. Many ancient cultural monuments have been preserved in the Kyzylarai mountains, tribes lived here in ancient times, mined copper, tin, gold, were engaged in metalworking, agriculture and animal husbandry.

Kyzylarai mountain range in Karaganda region


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