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Bukhtarma Lake

Jeep tour to Bukhtarma Lake in Katon-Karagai

Trips to the lakes of the Katon-Karagai Nature Reserve

Lake Bukhtarma (Lake Shangin) is not to be confused with the Bukhtarma reservoir, located in the mountains of the Kazakh Altai at an altitude of 2064 meters above sea level. 6 small mountain rivers flow into the lake, the largest river is the Shanbage-Bulak. All rivers originate high in the mountains in moraine lakes on the slopes of the Katun mountain range.

Bukhtarma Lake – how to get there.

Bukhtarminskoye Lake is located on the territory of the reserve and the Katon-Karagai National Park in the East Kazakhstan region at an altitude of 2064 meters above sea level. The distance from Ust-Kamenogorsk to Bukhtarma Lake is 523 kilometers, of which 58 kilometers are without asphalt pavement. The distance from the village of Uryl to Lake Bukhtarminskoye is 78 kilometers from the village of Arshaty is 44 kilometers. More precisely, the lake is located on the northern slope of the Southern Altai mountain range, in the mountains of the Kazakh Altai.

Bukhtarma Lake – tourist information

The length of Bukhtarma Lake is 5 kilometers, the width is 950 meters. The state border with the Russian Federation runs 2 kilometers from the lake. A mountain road leads to the lake, along which it is possible to move on highly passable cars, 4x4 jeeps. From the village of Arshaty to the lake there is a mountain road along which you can get to the lake. The road is open in summer from June to September, in winter the road is closed, but you can get to the lake in winter. Near Lake Bukhtarminskoe at a distance of 4 kilometers is Mount Karashangal with a height of 2875 meters, which is quite high for this region, if desired, you can arrange a mountain hike, but it will take extra time. Mount Karashangal offers a beautiful panorama of Lake Bukhtarminskoye and the territory of the Katon-Karagai Park adjacent to the lake.

Bukhtarma Lake


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