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Menhirs Besshatyr

Archaeological sites of the Altyn-Emel Nature Reserve

Excavations at the Besshatyr mounds, Archeology in the Altyn-Emel Park

Menhirs Beshatyr – stone steles, or stone columns, or large long stones placed on an edge in Altyn Emel Park, are an archaeological attraction of the park, nearby are the famous Beshatyr mounds and Degeres Mountains. Researchers suggest that these menhirs were installed on the archaeological complex as a fence or fence. Menhirs, as it were, enclose the entire complex of Beshatyr mounds, are located at different distances from each other, there are large rectangular stones and not very large and even round stones.

Menhirs of Beshatyrhow to get there

The menhirs on the Beshatyr mounds are located in the park, Altyn Emel Nature Reserve, Almaty region, the distance from the Degeres Mountains to the Beshatyr mounds is 5 km. GPS coordinates of Menhira Beshatyr: N43°55'23.45" E78°12'34.23"

Menhirs of Besshatyrinformation for tourists

The Beshatyr complex, mounds and menhirs are of scientific and cultural interest, the whole complex is a natural and archaeological landmark of the region, it is easy to get here from Almaty. In the Altyn-Emel Nature Reserve there are such natural attractions as the Ili River, the Singing Dune, rock carvings of the Buddha, etc. Similar stone menhirs are found all over the world, standing stones have been found, for example, in the UK, Senegal, Palestine, Libya, etc. It is not known exactly what the stone menhirs were used for, perhaps they carried some kind of cult, ritual significance. Now the hypothesis is gaining popularity that these stone pillars were installed at places of power from where energy comes out of the earth's faults.

Menhirs Besshatyr


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