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Temirlik Canyon (tract)

Jeep tour to Temirlik Canyon

Trip from Almaty to Temirlik Canyon

Temirlik Canyon and desert tract, part of the Sharyn National Park. The entire territory of the park is under the protection of the State of Kazakhstan. The Temirlik tract is a natural object and a natural landmark of the Almaty region, it is very beautiful and unusual here. The length of the Temirlik tract is 11 kilometers. Temirlik Canyon is a deep cut that was formed by the river, which is also called Temirlik. A lot of birds live in the tract

Temirlik – how to get there.

The Temirlik tract is located 240 kilometers from the city of Almaty in the Almaty region. The canyon of the Temirlik River is part of the Sharyn National Park (Charyn), Uygur district, Enbekshi district. GPS coordinates of the canyon, Temirlik tract: N43°21'35.09" E79°09'53.38"

Temirlik, river, tract – information for tourists

The Temirlik River is a right tributary of the Sharyn River. The place is a desert tract and the Temerlik Canyon through which the Temirlik River flows. The Temirlik tract is very popular among travelers and guests from the city of Almaty. There is no tourist infrastructure in the Temirlik tract, the places are absolutely wild and you will not meet many people here, which gives this place a special aura. If you want to go far from civilization and be alone, the Temirlik tract is the place where you can merge with nature and be alone. A round trip to the Temirlik tract will take you one day, but you can also stay here for the night and spend the night in a portable base camp, which we can take with us, and return to Almaty the next day.

Temirlik tract


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