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Temerlik canyon and river in Almaty region, Kazakhstan

Excursion to Temerlik canyon and river

Temerlik river and canyon in one person located in the Almaty region, the Republic of Kazakhstan. They are part of the Ili River basin. The dyne of the Temerlik River itself is 57 kilometers; it flows into the Charyn River.

How to visit Temerlik canyon

The Temerlik River formed the Temerlik Canyon, very similar to the famous Charyn Canyon (Valley of Castles). In the canyon you will find small and very beautiful waterfalls, a bright green strip of plants also grows here. The place is famous for its trees. Poplars and ash trees grow here. Ash here grows quite large and very beautiful.

Tourist information Temerlik

Saxaul (endemic) and barberry berries of which can be eaten also grow here. The berries bloom in the fall in September and October. Here, medicinal ephedra grows in the river, osman fish is found. Here you can meet a hare, mountain deer, and gazelles. Birds there are chamomile and pheasant.

Temerlik canyon