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Charyn river in Charyn reserve

Walk along the Charyn canyon to the Charyn river.

Rafting on the Charyn river.

The Charyn River starts from the Terskey Alatau and Kungey Alatau glaciers and flows into the Ili River about 20 km below the Charyn village. The length of the river is 427 kilometers, part of the river passes near the Charyn Valley of Castles tourist attraction. Another name for the Charyn River is Shalkydysu, so the river is called in its upper reaches, the river is also known as Kegen, this is the middle part of the river, from the turn to Kegen the river is called Charyn.

Charyn river - how to get there.

The river flows in the Raimbek and Uygur districts of the Almaty region, part of the river flows through the Charyn reserve park. There are several panoramic points on the way to the river from which you can see the river. The river also flows through a large gorge in the eastern part of the Zhalanash depression and in the Toraigyr mountains.

Charyn river - information for tourists.

On the Charyn River, we can organize rafting, rafting on the river is not easy, therefore, for rafting on the Charyn, it is necessary to have experience in rafting on mountain and flat rivers. On the Charyn River there are steep rapids created by water that require experience to pass them on an inflatable boat.

Safety in the Charyn Park and on the Charyn River.

It is necessary to travel around this region in the presence of professional guides, we also recommend to follow the weather forecast, since at the beginning of the summer period heavy rainfall can fall in the region and mudflows can descend in small gorges. Therefore, it is necessary to observe safety precautions, it is also necessary to have the necessary equipment for traveling with you, these are good boots for terekking, a hat, a supply of 2 ditres of water, sun goggles, a changeable T-shirt, sweatpants. If you suddenly get lost, stay in place, notify the rescue services by means of an emergency call. We do not recommend swimming in the river, the river is stormy and fast.

Charyn river.


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