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Lake Shortankol (Pike lake) in Borovoe, Akmola region, Kazakhstan.

Travel to the natural sights of Borovoe.

Burabay is a natural heritage monument and reserve in Kazakhstan

Lake Shortankol (Pike lake) is one of the largest lakes in the Borovoe park. The depth of the lake in its central part is 30 meters, the size of the lake is 7 by 4 kilometers, the lake is quite large. The length of the coastline is 25 kilometers. Water enters the lake from underground water sources.

Lake Shortankol (Pike lake) - how to get there.

The lake is located in the natural reserve Borovoe, Burabay district, Akmola region, Kazakhstan. The main landmark here is the city of Shchuchinsk. The lake belongs to the group of Kokchetav lakes. The distance from the resort village of Borovoe to Lake Shortankol is 12 kilometers.
GPS coordinates of Lake Shortankol: 51 ° 50'43 "N 71 ° 13'22" E

Lake Shortankol - information for tourists.

The lake is surrounded by a beautiful coniferous pine forest, pine trees grow here, the height of some trees exceeds 15 meters. Before the ice age, a deciduous forest grew in this area, oaks grew here. The local forest is called the "Keeper of Water" because the forest collects moisture from the surrounding area and feeds the entire network of lakes with it. They say that the forest attracts water.

Pike lake (Shortankol lake).


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