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Terekty mountain gorge in the Altyn-Emel nature reserve.

Photo tour to Altyn-Emel natural park.

Petroglyphs (rock carvings) in the Terekty gorge in the Altyn-Emel park.

Terekty-say is the so-called gorge and a group of rock carvings (petroglyphs) in the Altyn-Emel nature reserve. Here you will find many different ancient rock carvings (petroglyphs). Here are depicted ancient hunting scenes, various kinds of animals, and also there are images of people.

Terekty mountains, petroglyphs - how to get there.

The gorge is located in the Almaty region on the territory of Kazakhstan in the reserve and natural park Altyn-Emel. Rock carvings are located on the northwestern slope of the Terekty gorge, the Koksu river valley, the gorge is part of the Dzhungar Alatau mountains.

Petroglyphs in the Terekty gorge - information for tourists.

It depicts animals such as mountain goats, bulls, horses, argali, as well as images of birds and dogs and various predators. Here you will see images of hunting scenes, warriors' single combat. There are images of chariots, one chariot chasing another. All images are from the Bronze Age. There are also ancient inscriptions, Buddhist, in the Tibetan language, in total 27 inscriptions were found here. All inscriptions contain one phrase Om Mani Padme Hum (“Om mani padme hum). Om is the primary sound of the universe, Mani is a precious man, Padme is a lotus, Hum is Heart, Wisdom. Translation into Russian means the following - "Blessed be he who is born in the lotus."

Terekty mountains and petroglyphs (rock carvings).