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Kysty-Kalkan mountains in the Altyn-Emel nature reserve.

Mountains in the Altyn-Emel park.

Traveling through the national parks of Kazakhstan.

Kysty-Kalkan is the name of the mountains, which is one of the attractions of the Altyn-Emel nature reserve. The length of the mountains is 9 km, the width is 9 km, the highest point is 950 meters above sea level, the mountains border on the mountains, Ulken-Kalkan, which are located here.

Kysty-Kalkan mountains - how to get there.

The mountains are located on the territory of the Almaty region in the Altyn-Emel nature reserve, Kerbulak district, Republic of Kazakhstan. The distance from the city of Almaty to the mountains is 175 kilometers.

Kysty-Kalkan mountains GPS coordinates 43 ° 53'0 "N 78 ° 30'53" E

Kysty-Kalkan - information for tourists.

Traveling to the mountains of Kysty-Kalkan, we will visit the Ili river, we will also see and climb the Singing Barakhan which is the main attraction of the park. Near the mountains The Kysty-Kalkan mountains are located next to the Ulken-Kalkan mountains. The mountains belong to the Kalkan mountain range, which is more than 20 kilometers long.

Kysty-Kalkan mountains.