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Big burial mound Besshatyr in Altyn Emel nature park.

What to see in the Altyn-Emel nature reserve.

Excursion from Almaty to the Besshatyr burial mounds.

The largest mound Besshatyr is part of the general group of mounds Besshatyr. This is an ancient Saka burial and a sacred place consisting of 5 mounds of stones, which are surrounded by stone menhirs. The diameter of the large mound is over 100 meters and the height is 20 meters. You can climb the mound; the mound offers a view of the surrounding area and the Ili River.

Big mound Besshatyr - how to get there.

The mound is located at the entrance to the Shilbir gorge, in the Altyn-Emel nature reserve, Almaty region, Kerbulak district. From the village of Basshi (the main control point) to the mound 65 kilometers, keep to the right bank of the Ili River.
GPS coordinates of the Besshatyr mound 43 ° 55′22 ″ N 78 ° 12′38 ″ E

Besshatyr - information for tourists.

Besshatyr in translation from the Kazakh language means "Five tents". Besshatyr burial mounds are a sacred place and a place of pilgrimage. Initially, researchers established that these are ancient Saka burials, the so-called burial mounds, but at the present time, alternative researchers talk about a possibly different reason for the construction of mounds, which were then used as burial chambers. The entire complex of burial mounds is surrounded by stone menhirs (stones dug vertically) that were found in 1957 during excavations and research of this complex. The whole complex is one of the attractions of the Altyn-Emel nature reserve, and an ancient monument.

Big mound Besshatyr.


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