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Bestamak canyon.

Tours and excursions in the Charyn park.

Drive from Almaty city to Bestamak canyon on the Charyn river.

Bestamak is the name of one of the picturesque canyons in the Charyn National Park in which the architectural form of natural formations has been preserved, which can only be seen in Charyn and in the Bestamak canyon. Bestamak canyon is a small copy of the Charyn canyon; in a rainy season, a stream can form in the canyon, which then flows down the canyon into the Charyn River.

Bestamak canyon - how to get there.

The canyon is located in the Charyn National Park in the Almaty region, Uygur region. Also known as the "small Charyn canyon", the steep bank of the Charyn river. The main landmark here is the village of Aksai, next to the village there is an exit from the main road (A531), then follow the signs and keep to the left, for convenience use a satellite navigator.
Bestamak Canyon GPS coordinates - 43.364627,79.11345

Bestamak canyon - information for tourists.

The canyon is one of the attractions of the Almaty region and the Charyn National Park. From the city of Almaty, the road will take you about 4 hours one way, so when traveling to the Bestamak canyon, plan it as early as possible, because the trip in both directions will take you 8 hours. Bestamak canyon is also known as the small Charyn canyon, the canyon is not large, ancient fossils can be found in the canyon, the canyon is also famous for its natural formations of bizarre forms and species.

Bestamak canyon.