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Attractions of the Ash Grove on Charyn

Weekend tours to the Charyn park and reserve.

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The Charyn ash grove or a fabulous magical forest is a grove of such trees as poplar, ash, Turanian willow. Here grows Sogdian ash, a relict tree that has lived for over 400 years. This object is included in the UNESCO register as a specially protected object of the Charyn reserve. According to scientists, the grove originated in the region in ancient times, about 20 million years ago.

Charyn ash grove - how to get there.

The grove is located in the Charyn nature reserve on the Charyn river in the Almaty region, Uygur district, Sarytogay tract. The distance from Almaty to Charyn Park is 336 kilometers, 4-5 hours on the way.

Ash grove on Charyn GPS coordinates - 43 ° 36'25 "N 79 ° 20'2" E

Charyn ash grove - information for tourists.

The grove was entered in the register of specially protected objects in 1954, therefore, when traveling around the region, you must follow the rules, cutting down trees, making fires, littering the territory is prohibited. To see the ash grove we will need at least one day, traveling to the grove we will visit the Charyn National Park and the Charyn Canyon, we will also see the Charyn River.

Sogdian ash-tree on Charyn - information.

Moisture-loving ash (Latin Fraxinus potamophila) is a tree belonging to the genus Fraxinus. It occurs in the lower reaches of the Charyn and Temirlik rivers (the Ili river basin), in the middle part of Karatau (the Boraldai river basin) and in the northwestern massif of the Talas Alatau. Height 25 (35) m. The trunk diameter is 1.5 (2.85) m. The bark is light gray, covered with a crust. The branches are pinkish brown. Moisture-loving ash grows up to 300 - 400 years. The tree is valuable. Rare, relict species. Listed in the "Red Book" of Kazakhstan.

Charyn ash-tree.


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