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Red Wolf in Charyn park

Observation of the red wolf in the Charyn reserve -

Observation of animals in the reserves of Kazakhstan -

Red wolf, the rarest attraction of the Charyn reserve. A very rare endangered species still living in Kazakhstan. The animal is very careful, it is almost impossible to see it, it is also very difficult to see it due to its small number. In Kazakhstan, it is found in the Tien Shan and Semirechensky (Dzhungarsky) Alatau. The animal is very beautiful, graceful, leads a secretive lifestyle during the day, and goes hunting at night.

Red wolf in Kazakhstan -

The EW category is an endangered species in the wild nature of the country, it is included in the IWC Red List (EN category), the Red Data Book of Russia (Category 1), the Red Data Book of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan (a very rare and unexplored species, data on which has not been available since the 50s. XX century). The red wolf is the only representative of this eponymous relative in the fauna of Kazakhstan and the world fauna.

Red wolf habitat -

The wolf lives in rocky gorges, subalpine and alpine meadows, steppes, mountain steppes and forests, especially at an altitude of 2500-4000 m above sea level. In winter, wolves pursue ungulates to a height of 800-1500 m.). The main prey is tauteke (mountain goat), argali, deer, wild boars, domestic animals. Enemy of the red wolf, an ordinary wolf.

Red wolf on Charyn


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  1. Taiman
    Taiman — 12 March 2023 21:35
    Қазақстанда қызыл қасқыр мүлдем жоқ, оның біздің еліміздің аумағынан жойылып кеткеніне қанша жыл болған, бұл ақпараттарыңыз жалған.
    1. Rinat WT
      Rinat WT — 13 March 2023 00:53
      Сәлеметсіз бе, ақпарат үшін рахмет, бірақ біз қызыл қасқыр әлі тірі және бір күні Қазақстанда қайта пайда болады деп үміттенеміз
  2. Виталий
    Виталий — 16 February 2024 21:08
    А почему насыщенность цвета такая слабая?
    Земля не сильно фиолетовая получилась и ко мне не очень синие.
    Больше насыщенности! Давай больше!!!
    1. Rinat
      Rinat — 19 February 2024 18:34
      Виталий здравствуйте, спасибо за комментарий, ваше второе предложение не внесло ясности. Когда пишите комментарий делайте это внимательно чтобы люди вас понимали, вы наверно хотели написать "камни не очень синие". Я считаю что камни достаточно синие))) А насчет насыщенности это максимальная  laughing 

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