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Mountains Boguty, a piece of Mars on Earth

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The Bogutty Mountains are one of the attractions of the Charyn Reserve and belong to the Charyn National Natural Park, as part of these mountains is located in the Altyn-Emel Reserve, so when traveling to these mountains we can visit two natural reserves of the Almaty region at once. The highest point in the Boguty mountains is 1200 meters above sea level. Part of the mountains is called Ulken-Boguty (Big Boguty) and Bala-Boguty (Small Boguty) here the highest point is 1881 meters above sea level. It is best to go to the Boguty mountains for two days to take a walk here and take your time on your journey, sit by the fire in the evening, look at the stars.

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The Boguty Mountains are located on the territory of the Charyn National Park in the Almaty region, next to the Charyn River. The Bogutty Mountains are the eastern part of the Trans-Ili Alatau Mountains, the parents of the Bogutty Mountains are the Sogetinsky Mountains. From the city of Almaty to the mountains of Boguty, the distance in one direction is 180 kilometers.
GPS coordinates: N43°40'01" E78°59'14"

Tourist information -

The Boguty Mountains consist mainly of clay rocks of different colors, red color dominates, so everything here is painted red, you can find beige, yellow rocks. It is very hot in the region in summer, we recommend traveling here in spring and early summer, during this period the area blooms and it is very beautiful here. On 400 square kilometers in this region there are only a few springs and wells with water, so when traveling through Grom Boguty, follow safety precautions, use the services of a guide so as not to get lost here. You must have shoes for hiking in the mountains, a long-sleeve jacket, panama for the head, sunglasses, water at least 1 liter. In summer, the air in the shade warms up to 40 degrees. In summer it is very hot here, so you should follow the safety precautions for being in such areas. In the distant past, there was an ancient volcano here, which proves the presence of volcanic rocks here. Mountain goats, fox, hare, partridges, partridges, hares live in the mountains of Bogutta, you can meet wolves.

Red mountains Boguty in the park Charyn and Altyn-Emel


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