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Chinturgen moss spruce forests in the Batan tract

Mountain hike through the woods along the Chinturgen spruce forests

In the Batan tract in the Turgen gorge, there is a relict grove of Chinturgen moss spruce forests. This is a relict grove that grows only in this region, and to see the moss and trees you need to visit the Turgen Gorge. Trees grow in the gorge of the Kairak River at an altitude of 1850 meters above sea level.

Chinturgen spruce forest - how to get there

To get into this magical forest, we need to drive to the Turgen gorge, Almaty region, the Batan tract. Watch for signs on the road. Here, a moss cover more than 30 centimeters thick grows, the moss grows among the forest of tall fir trees, walking on the moss is very soft and pleasant. Moss spruce forests are a natural monument and are located in a specially protected area of ​​the Ile-Alatau nature reserve.

Chinturgen moss spruce forest


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