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Medeu dam

Hiking up the stairs of the Medeu Dam

Trip to the Medeu dam from the city of Almaty

The high-altitude dam in the Medeo tract is the height of engineering skill and a grandiose project built to protect the city of Almaty from mudflows from the mountains. The height of the dam is 150 meters, according to the projects, two directed super-powerful explosions were first made, which brought down part of the gorge and created a man-made barrier, which was then completed and strengthened. The construction of the dam began in 1964. In 1973, the dam held back a powerful mudflow, which descended along the bed of the Malaya Almatinka River.

Dam Medeuhow to get there

The dam is located in the Maloalmatinsky mountain gorge along Nursultan Avenue above the city of Almaty, in the mountains of Almaty, in the Ile-Alatau reserve. Opposite the hotel kazakhstan there is a stop from which bus number 12 goes to the Medeu tract. GPS coordinates of Medeu Dam: 43.150566°N 77.062612°E

Medeu alpine daminformation for tourists

On the dam, a staircase has been built that leads from the foot of the dam to its very top; the stairs can be used to climb the dam on foot. It may take you 15 to 30 minutes to climb, depending on your fitness level. From the Medeu dam a gorgeous view of the Maloalmatinskoe gorge opens up in both directions. In November 2010, the site was awarded the status of a monument. A cable car runs through the Medeu dam to the Chimbulak station and further to the Talgar pass.

Dam Medeu


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