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Medeu natural boundary is a natural monument.

Mountain hiking along the Medeu tract.

Medeu is the name of a mountain tract located in the east of the city of Almaty in the picturesque mountains of the Trans-Ili Alatau in the Ile-Alatau natural park. Translated from the Kazakh language, Medeu means hope, support; support). The height of the tract is 1500 - 1700 meters, 14 kilometers from the city of Almaty. Butakovka, Kimasar, Sarysay, Kumbel peak, sights of the tract. There are many mountain trekking routes of varying difficulty. Here you can walk along the hills, climb the peaks, just have lunch, sit by the river, climb the rocks, go skiing in the winter.

Medeo - how to get from Almaty.

The tract is located along Nur-Sultan Avenue in the upper reaches of the Maloalmatinsky gorge. Bus number 12 runs to the end point of the mountains, the stop is located opposite the hotel Kazakhstan.

Medeo - history.

The name Medeo has existed since 1920, until that time it was just a beautiful mountain valley. But with the arrival of people here, the mountains were chosen for recreation and the construction of tourist infrastructure. Now on the territory of the Medeo tract there are many sports, entertainment and health centers. In the mountains of the tract, there are many mountain routes, to different peaks, routes of varying difficulty.

The vegetation of the Medeu tract is very rich, it grows mainly Tien Shan spruce, aspen, hawthorn, mountain ash, birch are found. Since 2006, the Medeu tract, as a geomorphological object, has been included in the list of objects of the state natural reserve fund of Kazakhstan of national importance. Since 1980, the tract has been part of the Medeu administrative region of Almaty. The recreation area is allocated 21 thousand hectares of Medeu territory.



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