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Alma-Arasan is a mountain gorge in the mountains of Almaty.

Swim in the hot springs of Alma-Arasan.

Mountain hike to Alma-Arasan.

Alma-Arasan is the name of a picturesque mountain gorge, which is located in the south-west of Almaty, a 30-minute drive from the city center. Alma-Arasan in translation from the Kazakh language means alma-apple, arasan-hot spring. The place is famous for its nature, hot springs, and river.

Alma-Arasan - how to get there.

Along Navoi Street above Al-Farabi Street, you need to go towards the Big Almaty Gorge to the final stop of bus number 28. There are two roads from the stop, and to get to Alma-Arasan you need to keep to the right and follow the signs. On the left road you will come to the Big Almaty Lake, so keep to the right.

Alma-Arasan is a hot spring.

There is a hot thermal spring in the gorge, which you can visit and swim in it, there is a small pool, and bathrooms. In terms of chemical composition and healing qualities, the local water is very similar to the French waters of the Pyrenean type, the water temperature is 20-40 degrees. According to legends and legends, the healing baths of the war of Khan Tamerlane were taken here. The Prokhadnaya River flows along the gorge, which then flows into the Bolshaya Almaty River, the river is not large and very picturesque, if you wish, you can swim in the river in the summer, but the water here is very cold, the water temperature is only a few degrees.