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Kumbel Peak.

Trekking tours in the mountains of Almaty.

Climbing Kumbel peak.

Kumbel Peak is the most popular peak in the mountains of the Ile-Alatau reserve, the height of this peak is 3200 meters above sea level, from the top a beautiful panorama of the city of Almaty and the surrounding environs opens up. A mountain trail leads to the peak, the route is considered not difficult, and is suitable for all age categories.

Kumbel Peak - how to get there.

There are two popular routes to the mountain, one starts on the Kok-Zhailau plateau (northwestern ridge) and passes through it bypassing the Three Brothers rocks and the second passes through the Gorelnik gorge (eastern ridge). Kumbel Peak is located in the mountains of the city of Almaty within the city.

Kumbel - information for tourists.

The peak has a medium difficulty category for local peaks, but it can be classified as an easy category. A mountain path leads to the Kumbel peak; there is a signpost on the Kok-Zhailau plateau. Climbing the mountain must be carried out in the presence of a mountain guide and a guide who knows the area. Also, you should have the necessary equipment for being in the mountains and climbing to the peaks (cracking boots, Panama hat, sun goggles, change of clothes if you sweat, a windbreaker jacket, at least a liter of water per person, a tourist's lunch, matches, a mobile phone, an additional battery smartphone, folding knife, flashlight).

Kumbel Peak.


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