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Molodaya Gvardiya Peak (Young Guard)

Climbing the Young Guard peak (Molodaya Gvardiya Peak).

Mountaineering in Kazakhstan.

The peak was named after the Young Guard Komsomol organization. This organization fought against the German occupiers during the war years. The peak is located in the Small Almaty mountain gorge, it is a conical peak 4398 meters above sea level. There is a route to the peak, along which it is possible to climb to the top. The peak was first conquered in 1943, in the year of the Great Patriotic War.

Peak Molodaya Gvardiya - how to get there.

The peak is located in the mountains of the city of Almaty in the Small Almaty mountain gorge in the Ile-Alatau reserve. The ascent to the peak begins from the Medeo tract, the high-mountain base Chimbulak. A cable car leads to Chimbulak from Medeo.

Molodaya Gvardiya Peak - information for tourists.

The summit is part of the Zailiyskiy Alatau mountain range, its northern part. The heights are low here, which allows you to make easy ascents to the peaks of this region. Timofeev's bed is also located nearby, the area is very beautiful and mesmerizing, from everywhere there are gorgeous panoramic views of the mountains and the city of Almaty located on the plain in the foothills of the Zailiyskiy Alatau.

Peak Young Guard.


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