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Butakovsky Gorge

Walking in the mountains of Almaty

Sights of Butakovsky gorge

Butakovsky mountain gorge, the most beautiful place in the mountains of Almaty, the gorge is very popular among outdoor enthusiasts. The Butakovka River flows through the gorge, which flows into the Malaya Almatinka River, there are also Butakovsky waterfalls with a height of 30 meters and Butakovsky Pass. A mountain trail leads along the gorge to its upper reaches, along which they go to the Butakovsky pass and further along the mountain valley of the Trans-Ili Alatau.

Butakovsky gorgehow to get there

Butakovka Gorge is located in the mountains of Almaty in the Small Almaty Mountain Gorge, Ile-Alatau Park, Almaty Nature Reserve. GPS coordinates of Butakovsky gorge: 43.190°N 76.999°E

Butakovsky gorgeinformation for tourists

Butakovsky Gorge is the most visited mountain gorge, famous for its location within the city of Almaty, the gorge is considered easily accessible and suitable for people of all ages. At the beginning of the Butakovsky gorge there are yurts where you can relax and eat Kazakh cuisine, as well as stop here for the night to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. For lovers of outdoor activities, an interesting mountain route has been laid along the gorge, along which you can climb the Butakosvky pass. Further from the pass there is an interesting route that covers the local peaks, and along which you can walk around the mountain valley and traverse the terrain.

Butakovsky Gorge


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