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Markakol lake in Altai region, East kazakhstan.

Travel and excursion to Markakol lake.

Markakol is one of the most beautiful lakes in the East Kazakhstan region. The transparency of the water and the view of the high mountains and the beautiful Christmas trees around the lake provide a wonderful view of nature.
The lake is 38 km long, 19 km wide and 27 m deep. About 100 small rivers and springs flow into the lake, but only one of them is the Kalzhir River. The largest rivers flowing into the lake are Karabulak, Matabay, Zhirenbaital, etc.

Markakol lake-how to get there.

The lake is located between the Azutau and Kurchum ridges, at an altitude of 1449.3 m above sea level in Eastern Kazakhstan.

Markakol lake-information for tourists.

The southern side of the coast is steeply rocky, the tributaries of small rivers and streams are swampy. The lake freezes over from October to May. The water is fresh, transparent, with a mineralization of 0.07 g / l, contains: iodine, fluorine, bromine, etc. is.

Markakol-hydrography and climate.

The natural state of Markakol varies from season to season. The temperate climate is continental, but the winters are harsh and the summers are just warm. Markakol is the coldest region in Kazakhstan. The minimum winter temperature here reaches -55 ° С (in the village of Orlovka). This lake has the lowest air temperature in the Southern Altai (-41 ° C). The average minimum temperature in July is 14.1 ° C, and the average January temperature is 25.9 ° C. In most cases, the air temperature rises to 29 ° C in summer, and in winter it drops to -40-44 ° C, and sometimes to -53 ° C.

Flora and fauna of Markakol lake.

The coast is covered with birch, pine and spruce forests. Zooplankton numbers 60 species rich in fish (catfish, carp, whitefish, halibut, smelt, carp, crucian carp, etc.). Dozens of bird species live here. Among the trees you can see brown bears, deer, foxes, wild cats, deer, beavers, eagles, rare red wolves, black storks, etc. The Markakol nature reserve is located here.

Markakol lake.


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