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Southern Kazalhstan Altai and mountain range, East Kazakhstan.

Tours and excursions in the South Kazakhstan Altai.

The South Altai Range is a mountain range and area in the south of Altai on the territory of Kazakhstan. Part is located in Kazakhstan, part in Russia and part in China. The mountainous country of Kazakhstan Altai is very picturesque, it is very beautiful here, there is untouched nature, mountain rivers and beautiful valleys.

Southern Altai Kazakhstan - how to get there.

South Kazakhstan Altai is located on the territories of the Katon-Karagai, Kurchum regions of the East Kazakhstan region and on the borders of the Russian Federation (Altai Republic) and China (Altai Territory). The length is about 130 km, the average height is 3487 m, the highest point is 3871 m.

South Kazakhstan Altai - nature, climate.

The ridge is composed mainly of loamy shales. The slopes are mostly steep. The rivers Kara-Koba and Arasan-Koba flow here, which originate in the southern Altai ridge. There are 116 km of glaciers on the South Altai Ridge. The average annual rainfall is 400-600 mm. Steppe vegetation, tall deciduous forests, subalpine and alpine meadows grow in tidal valleys and on the slopes.

Southern Altai Kazakhstan.


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