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Kurtogay canyon, Mayintogay on the Charyn river

Sights of the Charyn Natural Park

Travel to Kurtogay

Kurtogay canyon is also known as Kurtogay tract. The length of the canyon is 16 kilometers.
This grandiose canyon is formed by the Charyn River, for millions of years the river has cut this beautiful canyon in the ground with its power along the channel of which the most beautiful Sogdian ash, a relict tree, grows.

Kurtogay tract - how to get from the city of Almaty

Kurtogay Canyon (Mayintgay) is located in the Almaty region, the Uygur district on the Charyn river, the Narynkol road, Almaty, Zharkent. In front of the bridge there will be an exit to the technological road, then you need to move along the power line. The beginning of the canyon is located in the upper reaches of the Temirlik River and ends with the canyon 5 km before the bridge on the Almaty-Zharkent road.

Mayintogay (Kurtogay) - information for tourists

The canyon is composed of sedimentary rocks that are 12 million years old. The canyon is very beautiful, it is not possible to go down to the river at the observation point, there are very steep steep slopes. The canyon is home to many wild animals, you can see their trails on the slopes of the canyon, as well as turanga and barberry trees grow along the river.

Kurtogay (Mayyntogay)