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Shkolnik mountain peak.

Mountain climbing to the Shkolnik peak.

Mountain trails around Almaty.

The first ascent to Shkolnik peak was made in 1937 under the guidance of M. Zimin, master of sports in mountaineering and tourism. The height of Shkolnik peak is 3590 meters, the peak is not so high and the route is not difficult, but requires some preparation.

Schoolboy rush - how to get there.

The peak is located in the upper reaches of the Small Almaty Gorge, the closest peak is near the Shymbulak base, the peak is located between the Talgar pass and Abai peak.

Shkolnik mountain - information for tourists.

The peak was named after schoolchildren from an orphanage who climbed the mountain in 1939. The hike begins from the Talgarsky pass, you can reach the pass with the help of a cable car that goes from the Shymbulak base to the Medeo tract. When traveling to Shkolnik Peak, be sure to use the services of a mountain guide.

Peak Shkolnik.