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Lake Wild to the east of the gorge Prohodnoe

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Sights of the gorge Prohodnoe -

Lake Wild (Dikoe) is located at an altitude of 3449 meters above sea level. The lake is considered high-altitude, to get to the lake you need to be able to walk in the mountains and have good physical fitness. The river Dikaya flows into and out of the lake. The wild river originates on a nearby glacier, which is located next to the lake.

Wild Lake (Dikoe) - how to get there -

Lake Wild is located to the east of the Prohodnoe gorge, the mountains of the Zailiysky Alatau, the mountain park Ile-Alatau. GPS coordinates of Lake Dikoye: N42°59'11.00 E76°55'18.91

Lake Wild - information for tourists -

The length of the Wild Lake is 1 kilometer, the width is 30 meters, the lake is very picturesque, moraine, surrounded by the Tien Shan mountains. To make a mountain trip to Lake Dikoye, you need to plan your trip, prepare equipment, and monitor the weather. Alone, we do not recommend mountain hikes, the minimum number of detachments in the campaign is three people. Also, to get to the Wild Lake, you need to know the mountainous area well, for this you need to use the services of our company and mountain guides.

Lake Wild


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