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Peak of Soviet Climbers

Photo tour in the Big Almaty gorge -

Climbing the peak of Soviet Climbers -

The mountain peak named after Soviet Climbers is located at an altitude of 4378 meters above sea level. The peak is popular among mountaineering enthusiasts, the peak is not very high and not very difficult to climb, but requires some training, the ability and skill to walk and be in the mountains at altitudes exceeding 3000 meters above sea level. Climbing the peak may take you 5 – 6 days. The peak is also located on the interesting mountain route "Almaty Circumnavigation", traveling along which we will visit the peak of Soviet Climbers.

Peak of Soviet Climbers – how to get there -

The peak of Soviet Climbers is located in the mountains of the Trans-Ili Alatau within the city of Almaty in the Small Almaty Mountain Gorge, Medeu district, Ile-Alatau Park and Reserve. GPS coordinates of the peak of Soviet Climbers: N43°01'01.52" E77°05'35.94"

Peak of Soviet Climbers – information for tourists -

The ascent to the peak of Soviet Climbers is not difficult, there are no difficult ice sections and rocks along the way, the ascent to the peak takes place on a glacier in climbing equipment. To climb the peak, you need to use the services of a mountain guide and equipment. The ascent to the peak of Soviet climbers takes place along the Left Talgar mountain gorge, through the Alpine Rose and Sunny Glade glades, where we will set up a base camp and from it we will climb with an intermediate camp under the top. After climbing the peak and resting, we will make a further transition along the route through the pass of Tourists to the big Almaty gorge along the mountain route Almaty Circumnavigation.

Peak of Soviet Climbers in the mountains of Almaty photos by Sergey Mikhalkov


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