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Almaty nature park and reserve

Observation of wild animals in the Almaty Nature Reserve -

Excursion in Almaty Nature Reserve -

Almaty Reserve is one of ten nature reserves in Kazakhstan. It is located only 25 km from the city of Almaty and covers 733 km². The highest peak, Talgar Peak, reaches a height of 5000 meters. It is surrounded by the Ile Alatau National Park. Not far to the north, in the adjacent arid regions, is Altyn Emel National Park.

History Almaty Reserve -

The reserve was created in 1931 and received the status of a state nature reserve in 1935. It existed in this form until 1951. In 1961, it was rediscovered. At the same time, some arid areas in the north also belonged to the reserve and the surrounding area in the Singing Barkhan area, which are now located in the Altyn-Emel National Park.

Nature and wildlife in Almaty Reserve -

The number of snow leopards in the reserve is about 3-4 pairs. In addition to this, in the Aksu Dzhabagly reserve, the reserve is the only other habitat for the snow leopard population in Kazakhstan. The population of the Siberian goat, which is the main prey of the Brasov, is from 600 to 700 animals. Snow leopard usually lives mainly in alpine territories at an altitude of 2500 m and above. In winter, they follow their prey to lower places, and then they can often be found below the line of trees. The number of snow leopards in recent years has remained constant. This was confirmed by trace studies in 2005-2008. The number of goats has also increased. However, there is at least a potential risk that damage, which will increase as tourism grows, will affect wildlife populations. Climbers and tour groups in particular visit the area. Snow leopards sometimes use the same paths as climbers. The reserve itself has six official eco routes. Other mammals in the reserve are wild boar, wolf, Eurasian lynx, Tien Shan-wapiti, stone marten, ermine and gray groundhog. Among the birds are a bearded vulture, golden eagle and a Himalayan eagle. Argalis and an Asian wild dog are also found in neighboring Ile Alatau National Park.

Almaty nature state reserve.

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