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Space station at the Zhusaly-Kezen pass

Jeep tour to the Cosmostation from Almaty

Information on the objects of the Ile-Alatau park

The station for the study of cosmic particles was built on the pass in 1957 during the Soviet era. The station studies cosmic rays, research is carried out by the Institute of High Energies of Kazakhstan. Projects are underway here to register particles of cosmic radiation, which is why the station is located so high in the mountains, because the registration of these particles is much more accurate here/

The place is also popular among mountain hikers, from the station there are 4 mountain hiking trails in the mountainous surroundings. On the way to the station, there is a border post, for passing which you must have a certificate with you.

Space station in the Big Almaty Gorge - how to get there

The space station is located at an altitude of 3337 meters above sea level, the station is located right on the Zhusaly-Kezen pass in the upper reaches of the Big Almaty Gorge. An asphalt mountain road leads from the city of Almaty to the station pass, travel time 30 minutes, distance 15 kilometers.

Space station Dzhusaly-Kezen


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