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Kok-Zhailau mountain tract

Mountain hike to Kok-Zhailau and Three Brothers rocks -

Walk from Almaty to the Kok-Zhailau plateau and further to the Kumbel peak -

To climb the green pasture of Kok-Zhailau, you need to climb the northern watershed of the gorge. This route is very popular due to the fact that in one day on the Kok-Zhailau plateau you can make different hikes through different places using different routes. You can get here from the Big Almaty Gorge and through the Small Almaty Gorge, in a small gorge, the ascent starts from the Prosveschenets sanatorium, a steeper, but shorter, through a large gorge, the ascent starts from the Kazachka River, a gentler route for a long route.

Kok-Zhailau tract - how to get there -

You can get to the tract only on foot, through the Big Almaty Gorge and the Small Almaty Gorge. The tract is located on the territory of the Ile-Alatau park, in a protected protected area, near the city of Almaty.

Kok-Zhailau - information for tourists -

The territory of Kok-Zhailau is inhabited by insects, plants, animals and birds, including those included in the “List of rare and endangered species of animals and plants of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. It is forbidden to litter and make fires in the tract. Through the plateau, you can climb the Three Brothers rocks and further to the Kumbel peak. Kok-Zhailau is considered an urban mountainous place for active recreation, every day people here make mountain walks, the place is suitable for all people, it is not difficult to move around the tract. There are no fords across the river or other dangerous areas. Only when you get here under the rain should you move with great care, as the trail becomes wet and slippery. It is necessary to move around the tract in special mountain boots with the support of the ankle joint.



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