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Pogrebetsky mountain peak.

Mountain peaks of the Almaty region.

Mountain climbing to Pogrebetsky peak.

The summit is named in honor of Mikhail Pogrebetsky, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR in mountaineering. The height of Pogrebetsky Peak is 4230 meters above sea level. The peak is a domed ice peak, which can be seen from the Talgar pass.

Pogrebetsky Peak - how to get there.

The mountain peak is located in the upper reaches of the Maloalmatinsky gorge, above the Medeo tract, the hike begins at the Talgar pass, which can be reached by cable car from the Medeo tract. Pogrebetsky Peak is part of the Zailiysky Alatau Mountains and the Ile-Alatau Reserve Park.

Pogrebetsky Peak - information for tourists.

The peak is located in the mountain couloir from which different routes to the peaks of the region begin, that is, traveling to Pogrebetsky peak, you will also see the Talgar pass and the Talgar river valley. Also here is the Abai peak, next to which there is a mountain trail to the Pogrebetsky peak. This area is famous for its clean air and snow-white peaks, so the region is popular among fans of outdoor activities.

Pogrebetsky Peak.


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