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Jeep tour in Kazakhstan Altai

Jeep tour along the Austrian road to Markakol

Tour Lake MarkakolLake Rakhmanovskoye

Jeep tour in Altai on the territory of Kazakhstan is very interesting, part of the path passes through the most beautiful mountainous terrain, part through the cities and regions of Kazakhstan. Our journey will start from the city of Almaty, the vehicles used in this journey will be highly passable 4x4 jeeps. We bring with us the necessary equipment for setting up the base camp and cooking (field kitchen), as there are not everywhere tourist infrastructure and places to stay along the route. This program is designed for 15 days, at your request, we can make the program shorter or increase it with the addition, for example, visits to countries such as Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, it all depends on your desire and well-being.

The route according to the program: AlmatyUst-KamenogorskBukhtarma reservoirlake ZaisanShakelmes tractKein-Keriish tractlake MarkakolAustrian Roadlake Yazevoelake Rakhmanovskoe – Ust-Kamenogorsk – Almaty

  • Distance of the route: 1276 km
  • Season time: Summer time
  • Best time: Julu, August
  • Group size: 1-25
  • Days & nights: 15 days. 14 night

Tour itinerary:


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