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The tour to the famous Zhygylgan failure and the Shakpakatasay canyon will take us only 4 days. This tour is designed specifically for visiting these and places on the shores of the Caspian Sea in the Mangistau region. The failure is famous for its location on the shores of the Caspian Sea and in the failure itself, the researchers found traces of ancient animals in the Zhygylgan failure, which were left in the silt, which then hardened and turned into stone. The places that we will visit on this trip are: the city of Aktau, the Caspian Sea, the city of Fort Shevchenko, the Sultan-epe canyon, the Shakpak-ata underground mosque, the Kapamsay canyon, etc. Initially, this journey begins in the city of Almaty, and it will be convenient for residents of the southern capital. It is also possible to organize this trip for residents of other cities of Kazakhstan. The second thing that is interesting about this tour is that it passes through the holy places of Mangyshlak, in the detailed description you can see which specific holy places we will visit on this trip.

Tour route to the failure of Zhygylgan:

Almaty - Aktau - the city of Fort Shevchenko - the failure of Zhygylgan - the archaeological site of Tubezhik - the Sultan epe canyon - the necropolises of Karagashty Aulie and Ushtam (XVI - IX centuries) - the Kapamsay canyon - the Shakpak ata mosque - the Shakpakatasai canyon - Aktau - Almaty

Detailed tour program day by day to Kapamsay and Shakpakatasay canyons:

  • Distance of the route: 379 km
  • Season time: круглогодично
  • Best time: Mau, June, July
  • Group size: 1-25
  • Days & nights: 4 days, 3 nights

Tour itinerary:


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