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Journey through Mangistau (Mangyshlak)

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Mangyshlak Attractions Guide -

Mangyshlak is a magical peninsula, a desert region also known as Mangystau, or Tyubkaragan region. This destination is becoming popular among both local travelers and visitors from abroad. This tour is designed for 5 days and 4 nights, and covers the main sights of Mangyshlak, both natural and architectural. The journey begins in the city of Aktau, then we will look at the Karagie depression, pass the city of Zhanaozen and head to Mount Bokty and further to the Boszhira tract. By ordering this tour, you will visit such places on Mangystau as: Naizatau mountain, Tuzbair salt marsh, Shetpe village.

Tour route along the Western chink of Ustyurt:

Aktau town – Karagie depression – Zhanaozen town – Senek village – Tynynbay mountain – Bokty mountain – Boszhira tract – Boszhira panoramas – Naizatau mountain – Syndy tract – Tuzbair salt marsh – the first panorama of Tuzbair salt marsh – the second panorama of Tuzbair salt marsh – Shetpe settlement – Aktau city

Detailed tour program day by day to Mount Bokty and Boszhira tract

  • Distance of the route: 920 km
  • Season time: Spring, Summer, Autumn
  • Best time: Spring, the beginning of summer
  • Group size: 1-25
  • Days & nights: 5 days, 4 nights

Tour itinerary:


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