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Water resources of Kazakhstan, rivers and lakes, rafting and travelling

Travels on lakes and rivers of Kazakhstan -

According to official information, Kazakhstan is not rich in water resources. But in Kazakhstan there are many glaciers that replenish water resources. Dzhungarskiy Alatau, Kungey Alatau and Altai mountains replenish part of the water in Kazakhstan. The number of glaciers in Kazakhstan is more than two thousand. The territory of the glacier area is more than two thousand square kilometers. The Korzhenevsky glacier is a living confirmation of this. Its area is over 30 thousand square kilometers. Ice thickness is 300 meters.

Water resources of Kazakhstan -

There are 85 thousand rivers, reservoirs, lakes and reservoirs in Kazakhstan. The most popular in terms of tourism are lakes and one river in the Almaty region, which are located in mountainous and flat areas.

Kapchagai reservoir.

Big Almaty Lake.

Lake Kaindy.

Kolsai lakes.

Issyk lake.

Bartogay reservoir.

Wooden lake.

Lake Tuzkol.

Lake Balkhash.

Ili River.

The lakes of Kazakhstan are different in size and location. There are lakes in many regions of Kazakhstan, the most famous are Lake Balkhash, Lake Zaisan, Lake Tengiz. Balkhash is located in the Almaty region, Tengiz-Akmola region, Zaisan is Gorny Altai or Kazakhstan Altai. Fish are common in lakes and rivers, so rivers and lakes are popular with local fishermen. Kazakhstan is also known as Semirechye, that is, seven rivers. Rivers - Ili, Karatal, Bien, Aksu, Lepsy, Baskan, Sarkand. The Ural River occupies a large area of the territory of Kazakhstan over 1000 kilometers. Rafting is also very popular with the local population and foreign tourists.

Lakes and rivers of Kazakhstan.


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