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Rakhmanovskiy waterfall.

Walk to the Rakhmanovskiy waterfall.

Sights of the East Kazakhstan region.

Rakhmanovsky waterfall is called by the locals “Veronica's Spit”, the waterfall is formed by an unnamed river that flows into Lake Rakhmanovskoye. A mountain path leads to the waterfall, which starts at the lake and goes around it. The waterfall is formed by a river that begins at an altitude of 2665 meters above sea level in three unnamed small lakes.

Rakhmanovskiy waterfall - how to get there.

The waterfall is located just above Lake Rakhmanov on an unnamed river in the Katon-Karagai nature reserve, East Kazakhstan region. Nearby is the recreation center Rakhmanovskie hot springs.

Rakhmanovskiy waterfall - information for tourists.

We will definitely visit the waterfall when we travel through the Katon-Karagay nature reserve. The trail to the waterfall begins on the northern shore of Lake Rakhmanov, first you will need to walk 1 kilometer along the wooden decks, which are laid around the lake for convenience. Further 1 kilometer you need to climb the mountain trail, the trail is not difficult and is an excellent place for a mountain walk, for example, in the morning.

Rakhmanovskiy waterfall


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