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Tuyuksu peak, pass, glacier

Trails and hiking in the mountain pass of the Trans-Ili Alatau

Mountain climbing of Tuyuk-Su mountain peak

Tuyuksu or Tuyuk-Su is a mountain peak, the height of 4220 meters above sea level, a similar name has a mountain pass, a glacier and a mountain training camp for climbers and rock climbers. The peak and the entire mountainous area surrounding it are attractive for hiking of medium and light difficulty. What is remarkable about the Small Almaty gorge, its size, the gorge is narrow and small, which is convenient for one-day mountain hikes of a training class. Climbing Tuyuksu Peak for local athletes is the norm of the norm.

Tuyuksu mountain peakhow to get there

Tuyuksu Mountain Peak is located in the mountains of the Trans-Ili Alatau, the Tien Shan Mountain Valley, the park, the Ile-Alatau Nature Reserve. GPS coordinates of Tuyuksu Pass: N42°27'14" E74°32'46"

Tuyuksu vershinatourist information

Safety in the mountains of Almaty

Solo hikes in the mountains of Almaty to Tuyuksu peak are not recommended, it is also necessary to use the services of a local mountain guide who knows the area well. Always check the weather a few days before the hike so as not to be caught by bad weather by surprise. It is necessary to make a mountain hike in a group of at least two people, since at altitudes over 3000 meters above sea level you must have the skill of staying in the mountains at such a high altitude.

It is also necessary to have with you all the necessary equipment for staying in the mountains, boots, a flashlight, a compass, a cell phone, an additional charger for the phone, personal belongings, etc. All hiking in the mountains of the Trans-Ili Alatau must be done in the morning, leaving the base camp at 05-00 06-00 in the morning.

Tuyuksu mountain hiking area


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