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Tour to Kok-Aral dam (Aral Sea)

Traveling to the natural attractions of the Aral Sea -

A trip from Astana to the Aral Sea -

The Aral Sea is a natural landmark of the Kyzylorda region. The sea has become very popular among jeep travelers. When traveling to the sea, be prepared for the lack of any amenities and tourist infrastructure. In this tour we will visit the Kok-Aral dam, the dam is designed to regulate the water level in the Small (South) Aral Sea, the dam separates the North (Small) and South (Big) Aral Sea. On this journey, we will visit such places as: the city of Aralsk, the village of Bogen, the village of Karateren, Lake Kambash, the Syr Darya River, the village of Kazalinsk (Aiteki Bi), the house of Gani-Bay, the Nogai Ishan mosque.

Tour route in the Eastern Aral Sea:

Almaty - Aralsk - Karateren village - Kokaral dam - Akbasty village - Northern Aral Sea - Kazalinsk village - Orkendeu village

Detailed tour program day by day in the vicinity of the Small Aral Sea:

  • Distance of the route: 439 km
  • Season time: Summer season
  • Best time: June, July, August
  • Group size: 1-25
  • Days & nights: 4 days. 3 nights

Tour itinerary:


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  1. Карина Агаханова
    Карина Агаханова — 4 August 2023 17:31
    Добрый день ,
    Вы организовываете экскурсии на Аральское море с Кызылорды ?
    Период с 20-23.09
    7 чел на джипах
    Экскурсия с 22-23.09
    1. Rinat
      Rinat — 5 August 2023 01:12
      Карина здравствуйте. Спасибо за комментарий. Джип туры на Аральское море, да, организовываем. У нас индивидуальные туры, группы не набираем, к группам не присоединяем. Предоставляем автотранспорт, джипы люкс класса 4х4, профессиональных гидов со знанием любых иностранных языков, снаряжении для установки лагеря, питание и т.д., полный комплекс услуг.

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