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Kalakai Sanctuary

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Kalakai is an ancient sanctuary, a sacred sacred place, a place of pilgrimage, the monument dates back to the first millennium BC. e., located in the most beautiful mountainous area of the Zhetysu region, located at an altitude of 1812 meters above sea level. The sanctuary is a huge stone, which is located in a circle of smaller stones, the place is surrounded by beautiful mountains, it is incredibly beautiful here, and the area is filled with energy. People first walk around the stone clockwise in an outer large circle, and then only approach the stone; there is an unwritten ritual of approaching the large central stone.

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The Kalakai sanctuary is located 20 kilometers from the village of Kapal, 10 kilometers from the village of Balasaz, on the banks of the small Sunkarbien River in the mountains of the Dzungarian Alatau, Bayan Zhurek locality, Aksu district, Zhetysu region. GPS coordinates: 45°05'38"N 79°18'37"E

Information -

The Kalakai sanctuary has a diameter of 97 meters along the outer circle of stones, and there is also a cruciform shape made of stones, this shape is oriented to the cardinal directions. The sanctuary is dedicated to the sun, in ancient times our ancestors worshipped the sun. There are ancient burial mounds near the sanctuary, which belong to the Saka period, as well as the settlement of Bayan Zhurek in this area. According to the researchers, it was suggested that the Kalakai sanctuary was an ancient clock and an ancient astronomical observatory, our ancestors here calculated the time of sunrise and sunset, the days of the equinox, the rainy seasons, etc. On the central stone you can see petroglyphs (ancient rock carvings).

Kalakai Sanctuary in Zhetysu region


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