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Kapal river in Aksu basin, Kazakhstan.

Travel and rafting Kapal river.

Kapal is a river in the Aksu basin.

Geographical position kapal river.

The river dripped in Aksu district of Almaty region. The length of the Kapal River is 42 km (204 km including branches), the catchment area is 398 km2.

The beginning of the Kapal River.

It originates from sources on the northwestern slopes of the Semirechensky Alatau - Karatau and flows into the Kyzylagash river.

Hydrology of the Kapal River.

It is replenished with snow and groundwater. The channel is cool. The average annual flow rate is 2 m3 / s. The river is used for irrigation. Along the river is the sanatorium "Kapalarasan".

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