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Tuyuksu gates, mountain tract.

Photo excursion to the Tuyuksu tract.

Sights of the Almaty reserve.

The Tuyuksu tract is a landmark of the Small Almaty Gorge. In the tract, people spend an active form of recreation, traveling through the mountains. The tract is named so because it resembles a narrow stone gate. The gate is formed by the Kumbel ridge and part of the mountain spur of the Titov Pass.

Tuyuksu gate - how to get there.

The tract is located in the upper reaches of the Small Almaty Gorge, above Medeo, and further above Chimbulak. It is possible to move around the tract only on foot from the Chimbulak base.

Tuyuksu glacier - information for tourists.

The Tuyuksu glacier is located in the tract, a mountain road passes along the tract, along which it is easy to go up. The glacier used to be 4 kilometers long, now only 2 kilometers are left from 4 kilometers, this is due to global warming. In the tract there is an alpine camp, which is also called Tuyuksu, and there are also mountaineers' wagons. From here begin ascents to the peaks and simply radial walks to the upper reaches of the tract.

Tuyuksu gate.


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