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White Berel river - Belaya Berel.

Rafting, rafting on the Belaya Berel river.

Travel and rest on the Belaya Berel river.

The Belaya Berel River is the right tributary of the Bukhtarma River, the length of the river is 58 kilometers, the river is fed by water from the glaciers of the Katunsky mountain range. The river's tributaries are the Black Berel River, the Kokkol River, the Arasan River and the Yazeva River.

River Belaya Bererl - how to get there.

The river flows through the territory of Kazakhstan, the territory of the Katon-Karagai nature reserve, East Kazakhstan region, Katon-Karagai region.

River Belaya Berel - information for tourists.

There are many tourist routes in the upper reaches of the Belaya Berel River. On the Kokkol river, which is a tributary of the Belaya Berel river, there is a beautiful Kokkol waterfall. To stay in this zone, you need to issue a permit in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk, you also need to attach a route sheet indicating the points of stay and a detailed description of the route. This territory is adjacent to the border with Russia, therefore, to stay here and travel, you need documents to stay in the border zone. At present, the passage from Kazakhstan to Russia along the mountain paths is impossible, since there is no checkpoint there.

White Berel river


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