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Tour mountain Bokty valley Torysh (tract)

Photo tour, jeep tour Mount Bokty, Mangyshlak

Organization of trips on the Mangyshlak peninsula

The Bokty Mountain are an incredibly beautiful landmark of the Mangyshlak Peninsula, the mountain is located on a flat plain, the steppe of Kazakhstan. Bokty mountain and Torysh valley are checkpoints on the route along Mangistau, the mountain is impossible not to notice, the mountain is on the route to the Boszhira valley (tract). The tour to Mount Bokty and to the valley of Torysh (tract) will take us 6 days. The mountain is quite large, colorful and very beautiful, the lower part of the mountain is light white, the mountain darkens towards the upper part. The color of the mountain is multi-colored, it depends on the earth rock that makes up the mountain and the light from the sun, in cloudy weather the mountain also has an unusual appearance. One of the landmarks of Mount Bokty is the Beket-Ata underground mosque and the city of Zhanaozen, the distance from the city to the mountain is 90 kilometers. If you wish, you can climb Mount Bokty, but for this you will need to use the services of a local guide and observe safety precautions when climbing and be sure to take water and a sun cap with you. Traveling to Mount Bokty, we will visit other sights of the region: the city of Aktau, the village of Shetpe, the Tuzbair salt marsh, the underground mosque Shopan-Ata, the Boszhira tract, panoramas of Boszhira, Mount Ulken-Keme, Mount Azu-Tisteri, Mount Borly-Tau, Mount Dreadnought, mount Sherkala, etc. We recommend traveling in this area in spring and early summer, when it is not so hot here and nature blooms and fills with colors, in the second half of summer it is quite hot here and the area burns out completely.

The route of the jeep tour and photo tour to the Tuzbair salt marsh, the Boszhira valley and the Torysh valley:

Aktau - Shetpe village - Tuzbair sor - underground mosque Shopan-ata - Mount Bokty - Boszhira tract - Shetpe village - Torysh tract - Aktau

Detailed program of travel to the sights of the Mangystau region

  • Distance of the route: 1095 km
  • Season time: Spring, Summer, Autumn
  • Best time: Spring
  • Group size: 1-25
  • Days & nights: 6 days, 5 nights

Tour itinerary:


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